Native Species

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The Ransom Seed Laboratory offers a comprehensive set of services for native species. These include tests for standard purity, all-states noxious weed examination, germination and dormant live seed, P.L.S. (pure live seed) and live seed per pound.

Because of the variable nature of native seeds being collected and sold, we have developed this complete test package to help pave the way towards the establishment of uniform standards for the fair marketing practice of native seed.

During the last 40 years, the Ransom Seed Laboratory has collected testing data and pioneered many of the testing protocols for over 900 species, representing 500 genera of woody and herbaceous plants, including grasses, wild flowers and wetland species.


Over the years, the market for this specialized and fascinating industry has expanded.

Growing interests in specialized habitats and new uses of endemic species steadily increase the need for the collecting and testing of native seeds.