Our Services


The Ransom Seed Laboratory offers many services for testing seed on a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, native seeds, herbs and field crops. These tests include germination and total viability, vigor, purity and all-states noxious weed exams.

Our most common analyses are purity and germination for labeling and general information as to seed quality. These tests determine, for the sample analyzed: (1) the composition, including an identification of the kind of seed, and if possible from appearance, the varietal composition; (2) the occurrence of noxious-weed seeds per unit weight; and (3) the percentage germination of the pure seed.

Viability and physical purity tests are conducted in accordance with Association of Official Seed Analysts (A.O.S.A.) Rules for Testing Seed. Upon request, tests can be analyzed according to International Seed Testing Association (I.S.T.A.) Rules or Canadian Methods and Procedures.

The Ransom Seed Laboratory is an independent, privately-held seed testing facility. For a complete price list, please contact us.