Please sample carefully

Test results reflect the quality of the sample submitted. The accuracy and reliability of all seed quality testing services are dependent upon proper sampling techniques.  We rely on you to provide a representative sample of all components of your seed lot for all our testing services.  For a listing of A.O.S.A., I.S.T.A., CANADA weights for purity analysis and noxious weed exam, please click HERE.


Please include your company name on all sample packets submitted.

Include all information you would like seen on your report: 

  1. Kind of Seed 

  2. Variety

  3.  Lot Number 

  4. Coated Lot Number 

  5. Any other information you want on the report 

Specify a testing procedure:

  1.  A.O.S.A. 

  2. I.S.T.A. 

  3. Canada

If no procedure is specified, tests will be conducted in compliance with the A.O.S.A Rules for Seed Testing.

Don’t forget to tell us what type of test you want:  

  1. Germination

  2. Stress 

  3. Seed Count 

  4. Purity 

  5. Moisture 

  6. Vigor 

  7. Complete Test/Native Seed 

  8. TZ (Tetrazolium)  

  9. Other Services –

For more, call or refer to services 

Treated Samples
Treated seed must be labeled and chemicals identified.  This complies with Cal/OSHA Safety Regulations and protects our technicians.  We thank you for your cooperation.


To protect your seed from damage, mail all samples in a properly packed box or padded envelope.  Seed damaged in shipping will produce inaccurate test results. Correct labeling and shipping will expedite the processing of your seed.

All U.S. Mail

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Private Carriers (U.P.S., Fed X, etc.)

Ransom Seed Laboratory
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