Allenrolfea occidentalis

Allenrolfea occidentalis (Wats.) Kuntze
Iodine bush

Family:  Chenopodiaceae

Habit:  Shrub 50 to 200 cm. high, woody with jointed stems.

Distribution:  Found in moist alkaline places; in deserts, valleys and low mountain ranges throughout California and from Oregon and Idaho to Texas and northern Mexico.

Seed unit:  Utricle.

Seed:  0.6 mm. in diameter, ovoid and red-brown.

Embryo:  Arched and partly enclosing the copious, starchy endosperm.

Purity instructions:   Pure seed definition:
AOSA:  PSU #38 - Intact utricle with or without perianth. Piece of broken utricle larger than one-half the original size, unless no seed is present.  Seed with or without seed coat.  Piece of broken seed, with or without seed coat, larger than one-half the original size.

Average pure seed units per gram:  8,959 seeds per gram (based on AOSA pure seed units only from 7 samples received for testing from1999 to 2003).  

Range of percent pure seed:   8% to 40%

Range of percent inert:  59% to 91%

Description of inert:  Plant material.

Planting instructions:  400 seeds, TB, 21 days @ 20°C; for fresh and dormant seed, prechill recommended.

References:  (link to main reference page)
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Ransom Seed Laboratory