Lupinus succulentus

Lupinus succulentus  Dougl. ex Koch
Arroyo Lupine

Family:  Fabaceae

Habit:  Stout annual, 2 to 10 dm. tall, sparsely hairy.  Flowers are generally blue-purple with a white banner spot.

Distribution:  Abundant in open or disturbed areas on grassy flats and slopes.  California coast ranges from Mendocino County to Baja California and inland to Butte and Shasta Counties.

Seed unit:  Free seed.

Seed:  Oblong, 4 to 5 mm. Distinct in having its hilum terminal and often surrounded by a collar which protrudes outward.  Hard seed coat is often mottled or streaked with dark and light markings. 

Embryo:  Foliar embryo with radical tip at the terminal end of the seed.

Purity instructions:   Pure seed definition: 
AOSA:  PSU #2 - Seed with at least a portion of the seed coat attached.  Broken seed larger than one-half the original size with at least a portion of the seed coat attached.  Separated cotyledons are regarded as inert matter.
ISTA:  PSD #10 - Seed, with or without testa.  Piece of seed larger than one-half the original size, with or without testa.

Average pure seed units per gram:  36 seeds per gram (based on AOSA pure seed units only from 90 samples received for testing from 1992 to 2003).

Range of percent pure seed:  96% to 99%

Range of percent inert:  .01% to 2%

Description of inert:   Broken seed, stone, dirt.

Planting instructions:  400 seeds, T, 18 days @ 20°C; for fresh and dormant seed, prechill recommended.

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Ransom Seed Laboratory