Eriogonum latifolium

Eriogonum latifolium Smith
Coast buckwheat

Family:  Polygonaceae

Habit:  Pink flowered shrub, perennial 10 to 70 cm., woody, densely leafy; lanate under leaves.

Distribution:  Common on coastal bluffs, scrub, north and central California coast to Washington.

Seed unit:  Three-sided achene with or without perianth.

Seed:  3 to 4 mm. long, glabrous, lance-ovoid, outer wall (pericarp) firm, brittle.

Embryo:  Peripheral, curved embryo and hard starchy endosperm.  

Purity instructions:  Pure seed definition:
AOSA:  PSU#29 - Intact achene with or without perianth, whether or not a seed is present.  Piece of broken achene larger than one half of the original size, unless no seed is present. 

Lab notes:  Often achenes with floral parts are immature and empty. 

Average pure seed units per gram:   1,114 seeds per gram (based on AOSA pure seed units only from 15 samples received for testing from 1992 to 2002).

Range of percent pure seed:  33% to 95%

Range of percent inert:   4% to 59%

Description of inert:   Broken seed, plant material.

Planting instructions: 400 seeds, TB, 21 days @ 20°C; for fresh and dormant seed, prechill recommended.

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Ransom Seed Laboratory